Auntie argue about getting seat, “only talk to top school students, others are rubbish”



Talking in English then Mandarin, this from from Ngee Ann Poly conceives that lone individuals from top schools can converse with her. She was recorded saying that since she (the understudy) never concentrate well and go to refuse school, individuals from garbage school don’t come and converse with her.

She even indicated another understudy outside of the camera and say she’s from Raffles yet she additionally didn’t say anything.

Whenever addressed in the event that she is from a top school herself, she yelled that she was from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and whether the understudy needs to contrast and her or not. She asserted to have never lost to anybody in school amid level headed discussions, and she’s not anxious of the understudy.

She’s either going to make a foe out of 90% of Singaporean understudies (those not from top schools), or 60% since her adaptation of a decent school is Ngee Ann Polytechnic. At any rate now we know where the elitist state of mind in Singapore originated from, isn’t that so?


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