Appeal for eyewitness or video footage for accident on 29/8/17 at 8:50pm Aljunied road towards Sims Drive


I would like to appeal for eye-witness or video footage for a traffic accident involving my dad. The accident happened on 29/8/17, Tuesday at around 8.45pm to 8:55pm in the evening along Aljunied road slip road towards Sims Drive.

The accident involved a car, SLE1025D and my dad who was riding his bicycle at that point of time. My dad suffered internal bleeding to the brain and other multiple injuries. He is currently critical condition in the hospital ICU.

We were told that the driver of the car was turning into the zebra crossing from Aljunied road towards Sims Drive when the accident happened. My dad who was traveling at the zebra crossing was knocked and thrown to the ground upon the huge impact.

Driver claimed that my dad’s bicycle knocked to his car when the accident happened. Unable to comprehend as you would have either stopped or slowed down entering a slip road which has a zebra crossing so in the event that an accident happens, it would not have resulted in such serious impact and injuries.

Therefore, I would like to appeal for eye witnesses or any cars who might have in-car dash cam to help me if any footage has been captured at the zebra crossing.

Appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

FB post by :Boon Hai


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