Another Nudist In Singapore.. Now At Pasir Ris Park



Dear Singapore Uncensored, .

I was at Pasir Ris Park a few days ago and I saw this woman suddenly take off her pants and press herself against the sign

I took a photo and immediately ran off.

 I am not sure if she is a Singaporean or foreigner.

Perhaps she intends to defecate on the grass or something.

I really hope I am wrong.

I am deleting the photo as soon as I send it to your site because it is traumatizing to look at it and see the devolution of mankind.

I really hope the MPs of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC can take strict action and maybe install CCTVs in the park so that we do not have all these crazy people around at night.

As a resident of Pasir Ris, I enjoy going there for walks. I really hope the relevant authorities will take action to make Pasir Ris park safe again.


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