Another Gold Digger In NUS “no more car? no talk to u,i go find other guy”


123I am a 3rd year NUS student and I come from a middle class background. However, my dad has passed his car to me and so I drive my car to school everyday. I used to have this female friend who I had a crush on and since year 1, I have been driving her to school even though I stay in Bukit Batok and she stays in Bishan. I will go fetch her from school and sometimes back also.

She has always been single but she kept giving me hints that she likes me. However, now I do not have a car anymore as the car was recently scrapped. This female friend of mine has stopped talking to me ever since I dont drive to school. I finally realised that she has been leading me on just for sake of getting a ride from me and various other favours in schoolwork.

I noticed recently that she is getting close to this guy who is wealthy and drives a car to school. To that guy, hopefully you see through her character and know that she is cunning and uses people.

Now I have a deep distrust for girls in school and have kept to myself. Hope I can get over these trust issues soon

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