Angry Customer Throws Cashier’s Phone At Waterway Point


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Is customer always right ?
It’s not easy working in the retail industry .
My Sister was being put in a difficult situation just because she was doing her job . Worst of all my Sister was advised to keep quiet about the incident just because the customer went to the mall’s management to lodge a incident report which is not even my sister’s wrong and the customer talked to the management so that her picture is not uploaded on any social media platform because her Husband is a army officer .

So here’s what happened earlier today :

My Sister is helping out my Cousin work as a CASHIER as they’re short handed . She didn’t need the money but she wanted to lend a helping hand .

Incident happened at the Atrium area at basement1 of Waterway Point . ( it’s is a open space with wagons around)

So this customer was browsing at the kids shoes area and wanted to get sandals for her children . As they are no promoters at the shoes area , she was looking at the shoe sizes and needed assistance .

The shoe section was very near to the cashier , so when she was asking where she is the size printed at , my sister told her it can be found at the bottom of the sandal which my sister’s colleague even went over to show her where it is . After that the customer proceeded to find the size and also let her children try on the sandals .

After selecting the sandals she proceeded to pay at the cashier . As my Sister is helping her to pack the sandals into the plastic bag she told my Sister that her children WANTS TO WEAR IT on the spot . Therefore my sister proceeded to cut the tag for her .

After putting on the newly bought sandals for her children , she went to put the worn shoes on the cashier table and ask my sister to throw away the worn shoes for her .
My Sister then tell her nicely that they do not throw away used shoes for customer so she told her that she can give her a plastic bag which she can bagged up the used shoes and throw it into the bins . After that she left .

After some time , she came back and demanded for a exchange as she claim that the shoes don’t fit her children . My Sister kindly tell her that goods sold in the events area are not refundable or exchangeable and this is stated around the events area , however my Sister is being told that for shoes , an exchange can be done if the tag is still intact for the shoes and of course with no signs of it being used . (E.g soles must be new)

As the customer said that her children wants to wear it when making the purchase so the tag is being cut away therefore the exchange cannot be done .

The customer was unhappy that a exchange cannot be done and went on to reason with my Sister which my Sister kindly explain to her the protocol and why an exchange cannot be done as the tag is cut off and also the shoes are already worn .

However she is still not satisfied and asked to speak to another person , so my Sister just call up her boss and explained the situation and asked if she can do a exchange or refund but she was being told that she can’t do the exchange .

So my sister went on to pass her mobile phone to the customer , hoping that her boss can solve the situation . My Sister’s boss went to explain the same thing to customer again . And the customer went on to “feedback” as to why there is no promoter to provide assistance to her and that she had a hard time finding the size while my Sister stood at the cashier area with another colleague . My sister is doing cashiering , she have to tend the cashier so she couldn’t go over to help the customer , my sister did tried to provide her assistance when she can . And her colleague even went over to show her where the size is printed at .

The most unacceptable thing is that after talking to my Sister’s boss , the customer went to throw my Sister’s mobile phone on the cashier table to show her displeasure .
Fortunately the phone didn’t have any major damages but there’s a small dent mark on the phone .

When that happened , My Sister even nicely went to ask her why she did that , however she didn’t even reply to her nicely and proceed to raise her voice at my Sister which created a scene , so my sister just tell her that she don’t want to talk to her anymore .
So the customer left , but my Sister went to follow her and took a picture of her so she can make a report just in case if anything else happens and also because at the atrium area there were no cctv .
The customer saw what she did and ask why she took a photo so my Sister told her that she wants to make a report .
And she proceeded to tell my Sister to call the police on the spot which my Sister ignored and went back to work .
Little did I know is that the customer went up to find the management personnel of the mall and tell them what happened and that her picture was taken without her permission. She didn’t explain the full situation , didn’t say she threw my Sister’s phone .
She told the management that she wants her photo to be deleted as she don’t want it to appear on any social media platform as her Husband is a army officer .

Excuse me lady it’s not cool to create a scene and throw someone’s else property just because you can’t get an exchange on a used item and then went on to lodge a complaint so that you won’t get expose for your actions .
I understand the frustration you went through but what if the cashier girl was someone close to you ? Someone whom is your family member ? Will you do that to them ?

Working in the service line is not a easy . Long working hours , always having to provide a friendly and welcoming smile even you’ve a crappy day or when customers vent their frustration at them .

Respect to the people who are working in the service industry , they definitely have very good character , tolerance and attitude .

Just my five cents worth : There’s no right or wrong customer , there’s only a pleasant or non pleasant customer . Money can buy you many things but please treat the person who is providing assistance to you with respect and dignity they deserve .


To the Lady in the picture I hope that you can apologise to my Sister for throwing her phone , as the phone is a gift and she valued it a lot . We don’t want anything else but an apology . I will take down this post when you apologise to her .

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