Dear SingaporeUncensored,

Who the Hell is this Fat F**k???? Criticising Singapore n our people…. Which Planet did he come from?…. Hope to see him soon!!! We need to spit on his face!!!

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This douchebag’s name is Archie from Australia. He’s infamously known in the luxury watch community and has a youtube channel named Archieluxury. He often talks about all things luxury and sometimes brags about how wealthy/elite his family is, bla bla bla but seriously im more interested in knowing why didn’t his mum just swallowed, if you get what i mean. – Alfie Alfian

He felt this way cos he instantly knew that he does not fit in well in Singapore. His physics and mental ability is just not in par to the ‘normal’ life expectancy to live a decent life in Singapore. He is a cheap bastard, hence he’s complaining about the cost of living in Singapore.

It is simple -he simply can’t afford luxurious brands, condos, cars, the total package of living abroad and be treated like king. Cos he ain’t one. He talked smacked about Singaporeans. Well, fat bastard, nobody is holding you back from leaving Singapore – just don’t let the door smack you in the head while you’re heading out! His doesn’t sound American or British…. Regardless, this racist fat ugly and insecure loser just need to stay in his farm and milk the cow til there’s no tomorrow! #dafuk –Rosy Posy 

 Source: FB postCamilo Don

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