AngMo BF beat GF to death after thinking she cheated on him!!!


On Aug 19,2016 an Angmo 24 year old man battered his Chinese gf to death after an disagreement has been found guilty of murder.

Fractured Ribs, broken jaw and severe bruising covered at least 1/3 of her body parts with reported to have 41 injuries.

Jordan Matthews had battered his gf with a steel rod who was about 152cm and 44kg in a vicious, sustained and prolonged style has a black belt in karate.

Matthews had called for emergency services after the victim went into cardiac arrest and sent to the hospital with haste but passed on the next day.

Matthews claimed he couldn’t believe what he had done to her as he thought that she has been cheating on him, was a misunderstanding sparking off the fatal dispute.

Following a week-long trail, his plea for manslaughter was rejected by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.

Matthews supposed that he would force her to skip classes and hit her shows an abusive relationship between Bi and him.

Bi would use heavy makeup to cover her bruises as told by friends.

On top of that Matthews would sent her msg telling her “a worthless piece of shit” and saying “I have to hit you repeatedly in the head while screaming at you.”

Bi is said to be the one who paid the rent and bills for their apartment, as well as bought her boyfriend clothes, a trip abroad and even a car.

She had grown up in Nanjing, China before moving to the United Kingdom at the age of 15 to study.

A brilliant student who spoke four languages, she had been working on her master’s degree in international business at Cardiff Metropolitan University.



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