432567896543In order not to delay, I can send a summary of incident with a photo that I filed to TP, I think the sole intention is to alert all the road users, particularly traveling along Dunearn Road towards Newton/City to beware of this cyclist. Of course, if anyone can help to identify him would be great as I hope the police to take over from here:

On 14 Nov 18 around 6.50pm, I was driving along Dunearn Road towards Newton Circle. When I drove pass Dunearn Road – Bus Stop Number B04, I saw a Caucasian cyclist stopping beside a double-decker bus driver and very much like confronting the bus driver, my first thoughts was, so dangerous to cycle along the outer side of the extreme left lane during the peak hours with so many vehicles driving on the center lane.

I moved on heading towards Newton Circle and keeping in mind to avoid the reckless cyclist as much as possible. When I was approaching the Newton roundabout, I slowed down after seeing many front vehicles in the stationary position due to the red light before the Newton roundabout, where I should be turning left towards the Novena area.

I saw the cyclist from my left side mirror that he was tailgating my car without slowing down, when I totally stopped my car behind another stationary vehicle without e-braking, this cyclist bang onto my car and fell down. Before I could get down my car to see how I can help the cyclist after the fall, he moved towards the left side my car aggressively, started to scold vulgarities, using his hand to bang on my left car doors and front window and lastly, spiting saliva on the front passenger window.

Looking at this very aggressive behavior, I did not get down the car to check the damage caused by the cyclist and drove off while he was still standing and checking his bicycle in the middle of Dunearn Road – Bus Stop Number B02, where the entire incident occurred (as shown in the picture)

I had filed a police report at the NPP near my house on the same night and received a call from an Investigation Officer of Kampong Java NPC that they will classify this case as Intentional Harassment and suggested me to also file a traffic accident report, in case the cyclist files a traffic accident report against me for “knocking” him down or “Hit & Run”, which is definitely not the case.

I have an in-car camera to back-up the aforementioned incident but unfortunately, I am unable to open the .RIM files saved in the SD Card and I am still trying to retrieve the footage. Today, I have also realized that the front passenger car door is faulty and unable to open from outside.

I hope Traffic Police and/or other relevant authorities can identify or this very aggressive and uncivilized Caucasian cyclist to prevent from any other unfortunate Singapore road users (like myself) to involve in such accident/event, particularly along Dunearn Road, if this reckless cyclist happens to be on that road again.


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