Amos yee Attacked At Jurong Point By Ah Beng(video)


Is this for real? It seems like someone took a photo of Amos Yee. Amos Yee confronted by asking if the guy took his photo. The moment the guy realise that Amos was taking a video of him. He assaulted him and told Amos to delete it.

The incident seems to have happen inside a shop at Jurong Point. How many guys has attempted to assault amos yee already?

Amos Yee shouted “help me!” non stop. But it seems no one bothered to help him. Welcome to the cold hearted Singapore. When so many people talk about animals rights or doing charity yet no one helped him. It really chills my heart for this country. Amos has did some mistakes… But remember.. he is only human and a kid.

But then again.. is the video legit?


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