ALWAYS IN NEED OF PHONE DATA? Circles.Life launches 20GB add-on plan for $20!!


In regardless of our technological advances in Singapore a product like mobile data is getting costly by the day.

Data is a means we often using daily and with the increase of apps demanding 4G speeds then we would often ourselves draining much in such little time.

We would often exceed the data caps in our mobile plans ending up needing to reimburse for overused of data charges.

For those required heavy data usage come Circles.Life!!

Circles.Life Introduces 20GB Add-On For $20

Digital telco Circles.Life feel that smartphone users deserved more for their hard-earned cash.

On top of the base plan that anyone can sign up for which costs $28 per month and includes up to 6GB of mobile data, Circles.Life is introducing the addition of a 20GB add-on for an extra $20.



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