An open letter to the a**hole driver on Thomson Road

On 13 May at around 6.45pm, you were driving on Thomson Road in a black hatchback across the florist shops heading to the PIE.

We had signalled our intention to change into your lane while you were still at a 2-car distance away. Instead of maintaining your speed, you decided to be an a**hole and sped up to cut us off. Your selfish action had given us no choice but to swerve back into our original lane, causing us to hit a stationary car.

Did you see our car almost going turtle as you sped off? Is there not a shred of humanity in you that would have made you stopped and checked if everyone was okay? Perhaps even provide some assistance like calling the ambulance should the need arise?

We got lucky as my boyfriend had reacted on instincts to bring the car’s other 2 wheels back on the road again and everyone involved in the accident managed to walk away with bruises and scratches.

The next time you decide you don’t want to give way, think about the catastrophe your actions can bring about. Our angels had to work doubly hard to ensure we could walk away ALIVE.

However, the next time you are an a**hole on the road and drive recklessly with sheer abandonment, you might find yourself the catalyst of an accident of such epic proportions that leave families without a father, a mother, a child or worse still, the wipe out of an entire family.

Will you be able to live with yourself should you have caused the death of an innocent person? If I were to judge you based on your actions, I don’t think you are the sort to even have cared unless you were the casualty because you are just that self-centered, selfish little prick with no morals.


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