Ah Beng slaps schoolgirl’s butt in public and gets away with molest(Video)


It shows a guy behaving intimately with a girl who is wearing a secondary school uniform.

He kisses her on the cheek, then without warning, reaches under her knees and lifts her up with one arm.

He is seen holding her parallel to the ground.

Then he starts patting her backside through her school skirt and is seen stroking her butt for quite some time before spinning the girl around and finally putting her down. Even when he is putting her down, his hands are between her legs.

Is this how teenagers behave these days?

No wonder NUS had those sexual orientation games at camps last year.

This younger generation is so wild, horny and uncontrollable!

As for the girl in the video, does her school condone such behaviour in public when wearing the school uniform?

The guy’s actions are obviously molest but he seems to have gotten away with it.

Is this how guys treat their girlfriends these days? Slapping the girl’s butt is considered an act of valour?

Submitted Via Email: Darren


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