feedback to Aetos

today around 2.30pm I was around the center luggage checking area. there is a auto office stop me for no reason say why your pocket got handphone. I did not even bring any pone to Malaysia jb as was just a simple walking n shopping over there i did not bring handphone.

After that a man who later i found out from him that he is tan. he wear a black hand glove. < i did no noticed his name batch that shall be wear during duty.

  • He is very rude and arrogance on his behavior to me.
  • He snapped my bag and scold loudly at me say where s your passport as if that i break any law.
  • He shout at me to fellow him to the ica tax room as that cause all people to see me as if i break any law.

This make me feel very upset and my wife was away from me. i am a kidney patient the way he do his so called duty are to traumatize the visitor he shout again at me are you from oversea.

I say i am Singaporean. he say what make you got right to go Malaysia to buy thing.
I say i only buy 10 dollar fruit and a glass for simple wearing. he as if not very happy that in the control room without my permission he started to open my bag as if i already a criminal.
all the onlooker was setting their eye on me as if i break a very serious crime.
by the way is Singapore a lawful country that respect all legally person with respect.

if yes why was i being intimated.
why your officer i not even brake a law already being treated discriminate.
I here are seeking for a fair and reasonable respect as a Singaporean.
even if i am a visitor i think i will also be respected in any country right but what make a officer who are not even with full authorize anyhow open my bag and shout at me at the first place.

Is your organisation policy to let the officer to bully anyone is it???.

why Singapore have from a nice place change to become a place of intimating.

when i ask the ica officer in the control room that what law i break she claim i did not break any law. and without even ask me anything she say i can go off immediately but mind you i am a sick man.

I was already shock beyond reason for the way the officer behavior toward me and ica officer who in blue say i am clean. if i am clean what make the officer have such authorize to traumatized me and my sick body.


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