The Hungry Ghost month in 2018 starts on 11 August starting 11pm (rat hour) to September 9th. Zhong Yuan Festival is on 25th August. This is when spirits and ghost are released from Hades to roam the living world. You can setup your offerings in the South sector during 11pm onward.

Gate of Hell Opened

For private houses, the Gate of Hell is open on the first day of the Ghost Month, on which ghosts come out to the mortal world and the sacrifice ceremony, grand or simple, is required. The grand sacrifice ceremony means offering a good meal while the simple means preparing some fruits and desserts to show respect. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. This kind of sacrifice ceremony implies bringing me no trouble once eating my food.

Gate of Heaven Opened

For public places, the Gate of Hell is open on the second day of the Ghost Month. In ancient times, shops and government offices held the sacrifice ceremony one day after the private houses to pray for safety and no mysterious case in the month.

There is nothing one need to be fearful of, as they are also considered energy in the human world. In most cases, we don’t usually do renovation commencement in this month. Do however follow simple guide line below to ensure a smooth month transition.

1. Don’t response to someone calling your name if you are walking alone at late night. Yin energy is strong right after 11pm.

2. Hotels are considered Yin places, together with hospital. If you can avoid visiting them is better.

3. Stay away from beaches, places with huge amount of trees

4. If you have 6th sense since young, it’s better not to go home late.

5. It is not advisable to swim in this month

6. Avoid making major decision in contract signing.

7. House renovation is best not to commence in this month.

8. Do not pick up anything on the road, such as mattress, coins, money and abandoned stuffs.

9. Do not make fun of spirits and it is best to be respectful.

10. If you find yourself having a lot of negative (or suicidal) thoughts for this month, visit the temple / churches and say your prayers often.

11. Keep a positive mindset and always do good deeds and accumulate good karma.

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Source: Kevin Foong


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