If you are looking for a tour agency that can provide you with a horrendous northern lights trip and totally ruin your lights chasing experience, look no further! You have chosen the right agency! No other agency can mess it up any more than them. SA Tours subcontracted their northern lights tour packages to Let’s Go Europe (LGE) and we learnt about that only at a later time. You must be thinking, “SA Tours branding is on it, how bad can it get?
This guy must be sprouting nonsense!” Read on to find out more! During our briefing conducted by LGE, we were told by their product manager, Ken See that we made the best decision in our lives when we chose this tour package.
LGE provides us with a northern lights promise by providing us a safety net. You must be wondering what this safety net is about? It is a night in Tromso where they will arrange an additional Northern Light hunting excursion if we did not get to see it by then. Sounds promising right? I was very impressed by this “promise” myself, thinking i had indeed made the best decision in my life.
What he failed to mention was that this Tromso night was removed from our itinerary! I went down to SA Tours/LGE office twice to make payments for the trip and attended this briefing by Ken See, but nobody informed me of this itinerary change. If you enjoy paying for a tour agency’s services and scrutinizing their itinerary then you must definitely sign up for their tour package! You will have a fun time playing this “spot the difference” game! Back to the tour itself, we were assigned a tour guide, Peter Oh who did not have any prior experience in leading a northern lights tour. SA Tours/LGE were kind enough to train him by assigning him to our tour group at our expense! On the only night where there were lights activity, Peter went out on his own to capture the best shot of the northern lights and left the entire group at the hotel, scrambling to look for a suitable spot to view the lights. He even shared his northern lights photo on our WhatsApp group chat to show those whom he left behind at the hotel! A considerate and wonderful tour guide! For the rest of the nights in these northern lights cities, all he did was just issued us our room keys before 6pm and left us by ourselves to look for food and search the surroundings for a dark spot to wait for the lights.
Can’t expect much from him since he’s new to this tour himself! On New Year’s Day, we had signed up for a day tour to Estonia from Helsinki. But he forgot to inform the tour group to bring our passports (he himself forgotten to bring too!)As a responsible tour guide, he suggested for us to board the cruise to Estonia without our passports and lie to the customs officials that we had lost them should we get checked! In the end, we disappointed him by refusing his suggestions. Some of the tour group members brought their passports along and managed to board the cruise to Estonia (lucky them!) without a tour guide. Helsinki was a dead city with a lot of places closed on New Year’s Day. Peter decided to train us to be independent by disappearing, leaving us by ourselves to look for our own meals, despite knowing that my wife was sick. In the end, we decided to accept his training and not wait for him in the icy cold weather. We appreciated his evasive and irresponsible behavior because we never knew that we could be that independent in a foreign country despite being sick! In summary, if you are looking for tour agencies to screw up an important trip (eg, honeymoon. Which is what this trip meant to us), look no further. SA Tours and LGE are your perfect choices.
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From Wei Lun

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