A casual user of Uber had a promotion code for a higher discount than regular user



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I used to take Uber frequently, I regularly receive email updates from Uber, updating us on the latest promo codes. I appreciate that they offer rebates as such to us returning customers. Until recently.

My friend and I had received new promo codes from them BUT, different promo codes this time sent to both of us. My friend, a casual user of Uber had a promo code for a higher discount then me, someone who takes uber way more frequent then her. And she has taken uber less then 5 times mind you.

My friend suggested me to enter her higher discount promo code into my account instead but was rejected when it says “promo code not valid”. Stunned. Call me a cheapskate all you want, but you all know too, this shouldn’t be the way to run a business.

Thank you uber, for rewarding your regular customer in such a way. I’m disappointed. But then again, thank you for giving me a chance to try out other car companies. Never am I gonna call a cab from you anymore.

By Ex-Uber Rider


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