75 years old man molest 10 years old girl ONLY get 3 months jail


(Image source: flameville.com)

Mr Mowvalappil Ussainer K. Alikunhi 75 years old was pleaded guilty for molesting a 10 years old girl on Tuesday (07 March 2017).

Mr Mowvalappil molested the girl at northern part of Singapore, the girl was buying lunch at a coffee shop and Mr Mowvalappil spotted her and asked her why he had not seen her for two months and asked her to follow him.

After the girl rejected him by saying NO, he grabbed the girl arm under a block and started kissing her lips and touching her chest with both hands.

The girl and her grandfather alerted the police after the incident.

Mr Mowvalappil was sentenced to 3 months jail and no canning as he is over 50 years old.

For molesting the girl, he could have been jailed up to five years and fined.


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