54 years old man pay 3 boys $5-$50 to perform sexual act on them


(Image source: static.pulse.ng)


Mr Husain Ibrahi 54 years old working as a storekeeper was pleaded guilty yesterday in court for paying 3 boy ls aged 10, 13 and 14 with $5-$50 to perform sexual act on them.

Mr Husian would befriend the boys around the neighbourhood near Commonwealth Mrt station and gave them money for contraband cigarettes.

He also exchanged number with them and took photo of them and stored in his mobile phone.

On one night the 13 years old boy contacted Mr husian to borrow $50 as he had not enough money for a date with his girlfriend and Mr Husian invited the group over and only agreed if they follow his terms and conditions.

The boys would cover their face with pillow while Mr Husian performed sexual act on them.

He was arrested after the boys disclosed what he had done to them.

He was sentenced to 20 years jail and cannot be caned as he was above 50 years old.


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