50 years aunty did not report gangraped by Indian nationals out of feeling embarrassment.!!


My better half’s colleague whose i was very close to told my significant other at the beginning of today that her mom’s best friend, a 50+ year old woman was strolling back to her home after work in Oct a year ago at around 11.00 pm and was gangraped by 4 Indians who were heavily intoxicated at an overhead extension close to Whampoa.

A few occupants had whined to their MP that the bystander strolling on the overhead scaffold can looked straightforwardly into their level’s rooms so enormous boards were introduced on the extension to close off the view from the extension. This middle age close relative was bound by 2 Indians and afterward each of the 4 India national alternated to group assaulted her effortlessly as nobody can see the assault occurring in light of the boards.

The casualty said it to a couple dear companions just as of late as she would not like to report the assault since she enormously dreaded the shame and social disgrace of being assaulted at her age. She wanted to impart it to her dear companions as she is in critical need of passionate support lastly chose to open up. Indeed, even her family don’t know about it.

Can the SPF kindly take care of this case? I can’t give this matter rest and I a chance to feel a commitment to look for equity for this poor close relative for being group rape by Indian Nationals.


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