I did a check-in on booking.com reservation on 27/5 (Sat) at around 12-1pm at Grand Copthorne Waterfront (5 Stars) hotel. I approach the check-in with customer service Ms Olivia Kim. I was told to pay $300 for the deposit. I clearly remember I had counted and paid a $300 of 6 $50 notes in front of the counter with CCTV around. I was asked to bring back the sealed envelope for the refund (Of course at the moment I trust the 5 Stars Hotel professional service.)


During checkout on 28/5(Sun), I was asked and to check on the balance bill. To my surprise, I need to pay additional of $50+ on top of my $300 cash deposit. She then tore the seal envelope confidently and insisted that I only paid $100 of my deposit. She firmly said that I need to produce additional receipt that I paid the extra $200. She was the lady that took my $300 upon check in.

She firmly said that she only received $100 upon check in against my reply towards her. I was so shocked and angry but I keep my cool down and proceed on my next urgency of my iternanry to run.

I ask the duty manager in charge to investigate and demand a reply on the day itself.

On the day, the duty manager followed up a phone call and claimed and confirmed that she took the deposit of $300 after viewing the CCTV. The manager had given a reason that she was newcomer and want to close the case with a transfer but I refused and the trust.

In short, I was charged and cheated with hotel room of an additional of $200. Additionally the total bill should be less than $160 but I had paid and upfront of $300 and the outstanding bill of about $50+

I believe this isn’t the first incident that happened. The way how 5 stars hotel and management handled made me puzzled and worried.

Jordan Jnr


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