5 PRC Surronded My Friend And Tried To Sell Him Love Potion



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

Last Saturday evening, My friend was with me at Chinatown.A group of weird looking PRC(4 woman and 1 guy) approach my nerdy friend and claim that his love life is low and wanted to sell him something that can bless his love life.

First a beautiful PRC woman approach my friend and asked if he was looking at her. My friend said no. Shortly after that the other 4 approach and asked if his love life is on the downside and asked if he needed some help.

They claim that this magic essence when rub on his forehead will shine and attract the positive energy and increase his charisma. My nerdy friend is a pushover and easily gets pressured into weird sales tactics like this. After the woman said it only cost $488 i pulled my friend away.

The men in the group started to get aggressive and said in mandarin “WHY ARE U STOPPING HIM FROM GETTING LOVE. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE U”.

Omg! I wanted to slap the guy but i pulled him away and move off quickly. I believed they are not only targeting the young but also alot of old uncles at Chinatown.

Fking FT Scammers!


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