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This lady know as Marniztrustnobody and change her fb name to Kayu Gerharu.. and she has another fb know as Marniztrustnobody Marniztrusnobody should be her personal fb.

A friend of mine was looking for adopter for her new Mommy Cat (Snowy and baby) 5months female kitten for new home in October.. So this lady was really keen to adopt and pass it to her for FOC without any cat fees..after a few days, i saw baby photo was post out by this lady Marniztrustnobody for adoption with fees in one of the cats adoption group in fb.. Wow..Can you believe it she promise my friend to update and care for Snowy and Baby but in the end Marniztrustnobody is giving it away with fees $550???

So i contact and Alert my friend and inform her. My friend tried to msg Marniztrustbobody and she keep denying even we have proof of her posting it in group .. and i even act to buy baby from Marniztrustnobody.. She ask me for $550 and could be nego to $500 and asking me for deposit.

To cut it short, my friend and her guy friend including me msg Marniztrustnobody but she block all of us in fb and whatsapp.

We got no choice but to report to AVA.
By posting this is just to make and awareness to everyone.

Marniztrustnobody did post a few kitten for adoption too in fb with fees of $550 .She is still in most of cat and kitten group in sg . Her aim is for kitten.

Marniztrustnobody adopt for free and selling it away ! Now my friend cant get snowy and baby back.. Marniztrustnobody is staying at blk 830A Jurong instead of Ghim moh.

Please beware of her..
Dasar manusia mata duitan!!!
Money face..

P/S:: if you r her friend or so .. pls tagged her here.. tq

Her son msg me in fb .. see last post. Asking why i viral his photo and he did not disturb me.. yeah true but he collect the cat with his mom and he know about this..


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