30% Water Price Increase Potentially Worse Than GST Increasing!


Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I feel that the 30% price increase is going to impact the people more than a 1-2% increase is GST. The reasons why I would think so is not on the surface but something that affects the whole chain from production, transport to sales and deposing of it. The product life cycle is greatly affected.

Example A – Buying a can of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola is made in Singapore. One of the obvious ingredients is water. This is the first step where a major terror might happen. Washing of the cans(involves water again) before filling it up with Coca-cola. I believe the cans are then washed again after filling up with the drink.

The can of Coke is now transported to warehouses for storage. Guess what. The vehicle needs water for coolant and water for washing.

Who is going to bear the cost? YES U!

Another vehicle now transports and distribute the product to markets, shops, and coffee shops etc

You bought a can of Coca-Cola from a Coffeeshop. Obviously, you will be served with a clean cup with ice.

The clean cup needs to be clean with you know what. YES! You’re a smart one.

Ice is made of… again.

Washing the cup after you finish. yes yes yes no need to say.

Probably missed out one part. The aluminum from your used can is recycled and WASH again. Which affects the whole cycle.

Ok by now you should know why I’m saying increasing of water price by 30% is potentially more scary than increasing of GST for 1 – 2 %. I probably missed out parts like companies taking this opportunity to increase the price even further for higher profits. Eh

Eh sia la i heard some gundu say water increase won’t affect cost of living.

Please share and open the eyes of many that only see the problem on the surface.


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