28-year-old man get call from 82-year-old grandmother calls by mistake end up getting married!!


Most people would know stories about couples who would come together in the strangest way. But this would have to be the most unlikely one compared to others.

Sofian Loho Dandel, a workshop staffer in Indonesia, received a phone call last year from a stranger according to World Of Buzz.

The called had dialled the wrong number as it seems.

He had received a unknown phone call a year ago, the decided to keep in contact with him knowing her age

He decided to make a 120km journey to look for the woman he been talking to at Martha Potu.

He was shocked to discovered that she was 82 years old, 54 years older than he was after seeing her in the first meeting.

They decided to tied the knot despite the age different with his mother resigning to her fate as she respected his son decision.


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