25 Year Old Female Teacher From Chung Cheng High Died In Yishun Flat After Fainting


It is believed that the Chinese female teacher caught a cold a few days back, She fainted suddenly on a Saturday morning in her home toilet. After the landlord notices her on the floor she immediately called for an ambulance. But it was already too late.

The Chinese-language teacher is from Malaysia, Lin Biting (25 years old). She was teaching in Chung Cheng high school (Yishun) Department of Chinese language teachers.

Civil Defence Force spokesman confirmed that a report was received at 7:27.

Deceased in Yishun Street 81 No. 868 HDB rental flat. The landlord felt something was wrong as normally she would be out of her toilet by 7 o’clock, she went into the toilet and found her body on the toilet floor.


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