22 year old and flat chested girl feel that you should accept yourself without feeling ashamed!


This is something I really wanted everyone to know and accept me the way I am.

I am a flat chested woman ( barely an A cup) and I am 22 years old. Being a flat chested girl is not something you can fathom unless you too have gone through it. I have studied in all girls’ school and I have faced bullying by my own classmates. It was very depressing for me initially when I was in school but you gradually accept yourself the way you are. It still hurts, makes me feel less confident, can’t wear the dresses a girl longs for, fear of acceptance by the guy and what not.

I wear a padded 32B bra which barely fits me but i still wear it for the sake of feeling confident because I am tired of always being mocked by people. I feel ashamed for not being what I am and also a lot of guys ask me but they don’t know the truth. I feel boobs really matter no matter what a guy would say and I can barely call it a proper sized one.

A message to all the flat chested girls out there, don’t stay depressed, accept yourself because you are pretty with or without their opinion.

Source: Quroa post by unknown


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