According to media reports, a boy had apparently suicide after getting his O level results.

“A 16-year-old from Westwood Secondary School committed suicide after getting his O level result on Friday (Jan 12). According to media reports, the boy who was wearing his school uniform was found dead at around 3.43pm at the foot of Blk 276D Jurong West Street 25.”

Netizens comment about O levels

It is devastating to see your friends all celebrating and going to the same school and you are the only one with an utterly disappointing result. I’ve been there, I know how it felt.

That D7 for English I had was crushing for the 16 year old me, you only feel how real it is when you feel your hands trembling and your heart racing – your body refused to accept the reality. I couldn’t get into a JC was the only thing in my mind. I felt jealousy and I was salty, but I knew

I had no one to blame but myself. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. Friends, acquaintances and people I didn’t like asked how I did, I show them the result and I got sympathy looks. They didn’t know what to say and I had to force a smile and pretend that it didn’t matter because people are supposed to be happy at graduation right? I don’t know if I felt suicidal but the feeling was just shitty especially when you gave your all. My parents were cool, never once gave me any pressure but the feeling that the many months of effort coming to nought is just fked. Even though it may have been more than 14 years ago, but I would any day agree that it is probably still the shittest day in my life.

I forgot how I coped with that but I didn’t kill myself. I am not going to be a hypocrite and say everything is alright and that O level results doesn’t matter. It is just that suicide was an option I did not take because it would have robbed me of my future, or my present day. I would have missed out all the fun shitting on Law Minister K Shanmugam, challenging the Singapore government and my lovely present life in Sydney – and hell yeah I am thankful I did not commit suicide.

For students who did not do well, I have only one advice: If I were to write a note to my past in 2004, I would say “don’t do it, 2018 is awesome”. I am confident your future self in 2032 would say the same thing to you today.

A 16-year-old from Westwood Secondary School committed suicide after getting his O level result on Friday (Jan 12)….

Posted by States Times Review on Saturday, January 13, 2018


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