15 year old SG boy going around pretending to be buying car. Request to test drive and crash your car


4Dear direct sellers and car dealers, please beware of this 15 year old boy going around, pretending to be interested to buy your car. He’ll request to test drive your car and ended up crash your car. Now he is avoiding my friend’s call and doesn’t want to pay for the damages. My friend is trying to sell his car for the first time and is unaware of the protocol which often overlook by most which is by checking buyer’s driving license to ensure that it is valid before any test drive.

As a direct seller and sometime for car dealers as well, you tend to overlook the situation and not checking the individual’s driving license.

The individual below has been going around carousel and Sgcarmart, targeting mostly direct sellers whom are an easy target for him to have his joy ride. Below are the screenshots of many FB users whom have message me, being a victim to the offence that he has committed.

Let this be a reminder so as the said individual will not commit such act and get your loved ones, pedestrians, motorists and drivers get killed or injured on the road.

Police report has been lodged prior to the incident and the school has been notified prior to the incident.


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