13 Year Old Dead After Brawl At Geylang Back Alley


pc_600x450An secondary 1 kid was found dead at the at a rear alley way in Geylang.

The 13-year-old kid, Zhang Ze Kai, is believed to have kicked the bucket after he was attacked by two young people in the back street between Lorong 29 and 31.

The two young people, both 16 years of age, had apparently defied Zhang in a lan gaming shop and blamed him for taking their cash. They then took Zhang to the back street to show him a lesson.

One of the young people had evidently punched the kid’s face and thumped him out. That one punch given to Zhang took his life.

The two young people called the police after seeing Zhang lifeless on the ground. There were no conspicuous wounds on Zhang when his body was recuperated.

Zhang disappeared over three weeks back. This is the third time he had disappeared. Every time he disappeared, he was constantly discovered playing games in lan gaming shops.

The two young people have been captured regarding the kid’s demise. The police have arranged the case as an unnatural demise.


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