115 Million Dollars Awarded To Hulk Hogan For S*x Tape


Hulk Hogan to appear in court for sex tape case: Here's what judge warned him not to do during trialThe 62-year-old previous WWE genius’ case started in 2012 when Gawker distributed a two-minute portion from a video of Hogan having intercourse with companion Bubba “The Love Sponge” Clem’s wife, Heather, in 2006. The wrestler asserted that the tape was made without his insight, and looked for $100 million in harms.

Hogan’s lawful group contended that he was the casualty of intrusion of protection, illicit wiretapping, an infringement of the privilege of reputation and perpetrated enthusiastic misery, as per a past proclamation they had issued.

Onlooker contended that distributed the clasp in its story was newsworthy and ought to be ensured by the First Amendment.


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