10K Hospital Bill. Insurance Agent Don’t Give A F*CK


*update, people were surprised that the following post is a write-up about my own experience, yes indeed, this post is about me, goh sing nam, not just a copied and paste and shared post 🙂

Dear Income,
I have no idea how you QC your quality of agents, but for my case definitely I can tell you that how I feel is that any tom, dick or harry can be a representative of you.

I was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Novena on the 16 Feb 2017, and the first thing the nurse assisted me with was to apply for the LOG, which will by right waive off any deposit/ bills required up to an amount of 10k.

So, to my astonishment, the following day after my operation, which I was still under the effect of GA, I received an SMS from Mount E saying that I need to settle the outstanding bill of $10,493.

Just nice I have a friend who is in the insurance line but is from Prudential Singapore, she accompanied my mom down to the business office to settle the issue with them.

From the understanding of my friend from Prudential, once we applied for the LOG, we only need to settle any DIFFERENCE between the LOG amount and the interim bill. She also has a few patient admitted in Mount E as me at the same time and this never occur to them.

So, of course, next best move is to call my seemingly incompetent agent for an explanation, AND GUESS WHAT?

The best response he manages to pull off to smog through and tell my mom is that “oh Private hospital maybe will happen one lo, if you want to confirm no problem then you go into Government hospital lo”.

Eh siao eh limbei buy private hospital plans and rider end up you tell me for safe go lodge in a government hospital? hello, Income please give me a satisfactory explanation for this rubbish response. Mind you that I have quite a number of media & reporter friends unless you want this scandal to appear on every media corps channel, I hope to hear from your higher management within a week of this post.

And the next thing he tell us lagi best, “remember to own self-submit your claims and documents ah, cause I don’t do all these one, the clients need to own self-settle”

Well, that definitely crossed the line, in my contacts, I have at least 20 insurance agents that I can easily swap to, but guess what? because I have my claim to settle first before I can ditch this useless agent which every time meet my family first and the last thing is always hard selling policy to us.


Please don’t be like this guy here, I just had my operation for sleep apnea so I can’t talk at all, if not I would have to call my agent up and gave him hell.

Gentle Reminder, Income you have 7 more days.

Yours Sincerely
a f**king pissed off client


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