Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hall of Shame: Jerry's BBQ & Grill (Club Street)

I'd like to introduce a reoccurring piece that I'll submit every now and then; Focusing primarily on extremely poor businesses.

Ah yes, welcome to The Singapore Uncensored Hall of Shame. Unfortunately, the list is going to quickly grow because of the vast number of shitty businesses in Singapore. But hey, thanks for giving me lots to write about.

If any of my readers still decide to visit these establishments after I've wrote about them, well you are a fucking moron. Please stop reading this page and just turn off your Internets.

Today's star of the show is Jerry's BBQ & Grill, located on Club Street.

I feel sorry for this guy. Garbage on a plate.
I have tried to think of a single good thing to say about Jerry's, but I really can't. The only thing I can think of is that it's in a nice location. Club Street has some good nightlife - away from all the crowds.

Other than that it's all shit. Jerry's has horrible service, rude staff, and terrible food. Unknowing locals might actually believe this garbage is what American food tastes like, but I think you'd be better off eating McDonalds or Burger King. 

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich. Very salty and the meat had an almost "slimy" texture. Spit my one bite out and I was done. My colleague ordered a burger. They managed to burn half of it and had to give him a new one. He rates the burger a 2/10.

Both dishes took almost 30 minutes to prepare. Our waitress was nowhere in sight and I had to go look for her to ask where our food was. She was "busy" chatting with another waitress. Keep up the fine work.

Our ice water was disgusting. There were little black specks floating in the water. We ordered beer instead.

Finally, we asked for the check. The bill was wrong and we had to actually argue with the bitch manager to remove items we did not order in the first place. Amazing. Eventually, she fixed the bill and acted like she was doing us a favor by not cheating us. With management like that, it's not a surprise this place is such a dump.

A disgrace to American food, this place earns its place in the Hall of Shame. Only eat here if you'd like to get food poisoning.

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